Drysdale Electrical Services Engineering Limited


At the heart At the heart of Sandyford tech companies and the cutting edge and leading the market in Dublin.


Light wood Underneath the bar we mounted lighting and the result is an amazing contrast between light and dark.


Floor We used a dark floor to balance between the large windows that let all the light into the building.


Display Beautiful display shelves to show a range of Italian items to reinforce the la Dolca Vita.


Building Building layout is in the shape of an L, this part of the room is more private and allows you to have your own space.


Bar & Tables Bar serves a range of alcohol beverages such as wine, beer and spirits.


Rope This is the rope used in the Italian fishing nets that we used to make the lamp shads with over 2000 meters to make one of them.


All set All set and ready to go, making it very easy for staff to get the required items for the tables and this helps the delivery times.


Open View Open View Kitchen to see the chef cooking your food and see the process in making the food and the effort in preparing it.


Work counters Work counters top to get pre-prepare tables and show the high level of hygiene staff take when dealing with you food.