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Standards body to bring in new wiring rules for electricians by end of year

Thousands of electricians across the country are being urged to have their say on new Wiring Rules coming into force this year.

It is the first major revision to the guidelines in more than a decade and features key changes in areas like electrical installation, safety and energy efficiency.

The consultation period is open until February 28.

Yvonne Wylde from the National Standards Authority of Ireland said feedback from industry professionals is really important.

Ms Wylde said: “We really do want people to at least have a look and get familiar with what is going to be the basis for their work in the upcoming years.

“When we get the comments, then our technical experts will be sitting down and considering all of the comments one-by-one and amending the document appropriately, and the aim is to have it available by the end of 2019.”

Ms Wylde outlined some of the key changes.

She said: “They’re around new technologies and around changes in the world around us. For example, there is a proposal to introduce RCDs and lighting circuits in homes.

“Around new technologies, the draft deals with electric cars, it deals with sockets for IT and medical areas and it deals with energy efficiencies.”

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