Drysdale Electrical Services Engineering Limited

Rio Rodizio, Ranelagh, Dublin

Rio Rodizio


Commercial Fit-Out

Rio Rodizio was a full commercial fit out project for which Drysdale Electrical Services Engineering completed the electrical services.

Category: Hospitality
Client: Rio Rodizio
Location: Rio Rodizio, Ranelagh, Dublin
Value: €116,000.00

✓ Data network
✓ Satellite network
✓ General power distribution network
✓ General lighting system
✓ Emergency lighting system
✓ Intruder alarm
✓ Closed circuit television
✓ External site lighting
✓ Fire alarm system
✓ Containment network
✓ External site lighting
✓ Access control & intercom system
✓ Lightening protection
✓ Point of sale system